Art By PJ Ridiculously Beautiful Art
Art By PJ Ridiculously Beautiful Art
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Art By PJ Ridiculously Beautiful Art
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Internationally collected by both celebrities and contemporary art enthusiasts the contemporary art of P.J. Commerford is notable for its opulent striking color, crystal detailing and grand scale. In corporate commissions and art for private home decor the mixed media pieces feature subject matter such as hearts, shoes, martinis, landscapes and portraits. They are painstakingly created by building up layer after layer of sheer acrylic paint interspersed with vintage silk, handmade papers and faceted tiny crystals. Swarovski crystal rhinestones are a hallmark of the original fine art.

The contemporary paintings combine a profound understanding of color theory gleaned from years of classical education with whimsy, free spiritedness and joy. Surprisingly unique, the most common comments to these breathtaking creations are I love it. I have never seen anything like it.

Because contemporary artist P.J. paints every day with rare exception, these series are constantly growing, changing and expanding. P.J.s goal is to make each contemporary art piece a powerhouse of excellent design, outrageous creativity and thrilling rich color.

To order original contemporary artwork you must call us at 352-728-2364. We can then discuss what is currently available. PJ currently accepts commission work. Pricing for commission work is based upon complexity of the request.

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 Red Splash 24x48 Gallery Wrapped  USD $727.00

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